Monday, January 4, 2010

The Naaaaaaaame Game

I realized the other night that I haven't yet filled up an entire page practicing my married signature. If I was 12, I would have started like a year ago. I guess I AM more mature than most of you people give me credit for.

But anyway, I have to decide exactly what my name's going to be. I feel that Kim Clay is a little too short. So then there's Kimberly Clay, but Kimberly is an awful lot to write. Not that it matters that much. Usually when I sign for a credit card I just write a "K" with a squiggly line after it. Or if it's one of those stupid electronic things that never work, I don't even bother with the K.

But that's beside the point. I need to decide on a name. Kim Clay. Kimberly Clay. K Clay. KC. Mrs. Scott Clay. So many options. I need to start practicing.


rungirltoo said...

You could use a middle initial and/or hyphenate you current and new last name.

Anonymous said...

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