Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm kind of paranoid. Not about everything, just some random things. I'm not paranoid about flying, for example. However, last weekend I told a friend of mine that he'd choke and die if he rode a roller coaster with gum in his mouth. It could happen, I'm telling you.

I blame my mother for my paranoia and I recently found out that she blames her mother for telling her that she'd get trampled to death if she went to a Beatles concert. Also, my grandma's sister forbade her daughter from doing "The Jerk" for fear of her neck snapping. The 60's were a scary time.

One person who isn't paranoid is my future husband, Scott. I think this is a good thing. Like last week, my car battery died and I had to jump it. I was very concerned about this because I was convinced that I'd make one wrong move and the battery would either explode or electrocute me. In my defense, there are about a million warnings on the battery itself and then I read this website that told me the juice in the battery would make my eyes dissolve. How could I not be concerned about this?

But Scott reassured me by telling me that the only way I was going to get electrocuted by jumping my car was if I happened to get struck by lightening while doing it. Luckily, getting struck by lightening is not something I'm paranoid about. I think this is going to be a great marriage.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, Some Happy People

Ok, I haven't blogged for awhile. Stuff has been happening like getting engaged and planning a wedding. On a sidenote: The wedding industry is EVIL. They know you need them and therefore know they can be overpriced and mean and never return your phone calls. But I will prevail and stick it to the man, as I'm prone to do. Maybe I'll blog about "stick it to the man" wedding planning someday, but not today because I don't have time on account of planning a wedding.

Anyway, this morning I was pleased to literally stumble upon (using StumbleUpon) a site called LMyLife. I found it a refreshing answer to two similar sites, FMyLife, and MyLifeIsAverage, both of which are kind of funny but generally cynical and negative. Granted, LMyLife still has some obscene stories, but most of them are just random things that made the writer happy. Sometimes it's nice to hear from people who are actually happy.

In that vein, I will now share a story of positivity and happiness. Last weekend I was at Great America with my fh (future husband) and two friends. It was a fabulous day at Great America with very short lines and lovely weather. We came to the Superman ride which is a newer one and kind of a novelty because you lay on your stomach to simulate the feeling of flying. As expected, the line was a little longer for this ride—45 minutes according to the sign. So the four of us were standing there discussing whether or not to get in line and this energetic Great America employee came up to us with passes to bypass the entire line for Superman. He gave them to FH and I immediately because we have season passes. He made our two friends answer random trivia questions to earn their passes. So, we went up the exit ramp and when the next car came in, they stopped the people in line from getting on, so that we could jump on. It was basically amazing. I'm going to Great America again this weekend and I fully intend to try the standing-outside-the-ride-looking-pathetic method once again.