Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Boring Date

So I've been married a couple months now and it's great and fun and all that jazz. But also, it's kinda boring. I don't feel bored because I so enjoy being with my husband, but the things we do together could more often than not be classified as "boring." Things like sitting on the couch doing nothing, going grocery shopping, cleaning the house. They're all boring things that I did before I was married, but now we just get to do them together which is great.

However, I think some people are expecting constant fun and excitement in marriage. These people are going to be disappointed. So I decided before any of you get married, you should take your significant other on a "boring date." It's sort of like a marriage test. You may or may not want to tell your significant other about this "boring date" or the reasons behind it.

I remember my first boring date with Scott. I was at his apartment and we'd made some average joe type dinner and we sat down to eat at the table. We just sat there, eating, not really talking, kind of staring into space. I realized that when we got married there would be many more of these moments. And I was totally OK with that. Successful boring date!

It's kind of like this bit of genius from Best in Show:

So don't be afraid of the boring date. Stay in. Sit together like old people. Clean the bathroom. Take an hour to discuss where you want to go for dinner only to end up staying at home. It'll be worth it when you're married and fully prepared for the boring times ahead. 

Boring Date. Tell your friends.