Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So That's How Shoes End Up in the Middle of the Street ...

The Date: Sunday, May 24, 2009
The Time: 11:30pm
The Place: Driving on Maple Ave. in Naperville, on the way to see Star Trek at the IMAX.

The bf (Scott) and I were driving along minding our business. Given the late hour, I may or may not have been a little slap happy and that may or may not have factored in to the rest of this story. As we were driving, I noticed a spider on the windshield. After observing it for a moment, I realized it was on the inside. And it was crawling closer and closer to me.

I was a little bit nervous, so I started looking for something to kill it with. Not having much luck, I went with the old standby (my shoe, a flip flop) and smushed the spider against the windshield. Scott suggested that I smear it a bit to make sure it's dead, which I did, leaving a nice trail of spider guts on the window.

Unfortunately, the spider's dead carcass was now stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and since Scott likes to keep things clean, I didn't want to put the shoe back on and let the spider get all smushed into his carpet. So I decided my best option was to open up the window, stick my shoe out, and let the wind blow the dead spider off.

So I opened the window and stuck my shoe out. However, the wind was stronger than expected and probably not even a second later, the shoe was gone. I gasped loudly and Scott asked if my shoe fell out the window (how did he know??). I then giggled for at least 10 minutes as we turned around, searched for it on the street, and pulled over to pick it up. I was a little bit concerned that someone had driven over it, but luckily, not only did it appear to be unharmed, but the spider carcass was gone. Done and done.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Garbage Picking Extravaganza!

Last weekend, I went with some friends to garbage pick. This was no ordinary garbage picking though. It was garbage picking on amnesty garbage day in a very fancy-pants Chicago suburb. And it was more amazing than I ever imagined.

The evening consisted of about 5 of us, in 2 cars, slowly driving down side streets, stopping, picking, and moving on. Things got a little tricky when it got dark, but we still managed to find some good stuff. Next year we're bringing flashlights.

My car was so filled to the brim that the 2 people I had to drive home couldn't fit, and my roommate had to ride home in the back of the trunk. A nice way to top of an already exciting evening:

Yes, in the back of that car, you'll see (behind the roommate) a large wooden chair, an old wooden sled, 2 floor chairs, golf clubs with bag, some work bench thing, and a variety of smaller items. All in all, a very successful evening.