Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animals Living in My Car

That's right, I have animals living in my car. I've never actually seen them, but they've made their presence known on two separate occasions, both ending with me having to pay extra money to tidy up their mess. Little devils.

Over the winter, the fan in my car started making terrible noises whenever I turned it on. I brought it in to find out that some stupid animal was hiding food in there.

But today's incident at Jiffy Lube really takes the cake. I was sitting in the waiting area minding my own business, when I notice a few of the Jiffy Lube guys staring under the hood of my car in disbelief. They waved me over and commented that they didn't know mice were so organized. This disturbed me. Then I saw it. An animal of some kind had made a serious home for itself in my air filter box.

On the left side of the box, was a lovely rectangular "bed" made of yarn and other soft things. It was perfect. Perfect enough to be creepy. On the opposite end, was a good sized stash of mostly whole animal crackers; some chewed on, some not. It was truly incredible.

I almost felt bad cleaning it all out after this animal had clearly worked hard to organize it all. But not really.


Adam said...

that's funny! you just destroyed some mouse's home. sounds like he was an entrepreneurial breadwinner. He's going to be in a big argument with his wife for picking out the house though. you're a homewrecker!

Klyn said...

OH my WORD!!! I can't believe it! What's with you and all the crazy stuff with animals? cats, bats, now mice...surely I'm forgetting some as well...well, i'm glad you got it cleaned out. And, that you at least "thought" about feeling badly. ;)

you actually made me laugh out loud with this one!