Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So That's How Shoes End Up in the Middle of the Street ...

The Date: Sunday, May 24, 2009
The Time: 11:30pm
The Place: Driving on Maple Ave. in Naperville, on the way to see Star Trek at the IMAX.

The bf (Scott) and I were driving along minding our business. Given the late hour, I may or may not have been a little slap happy and that may or may not have factored in to the rest of this story. As we were driving, I noticed a spider on the windshield. After observing it for a moment, I realized it was on the inside. And it was crawling closer and closer to me.

I was a little bit nervous, so I started looking for something to kill it with. Not having much luck, I went with the old standby (my shoe, a flip flop) and smushed the spider against the windshield. Scott suggested that I smear it a bit to make sure it's dead, which I did, leaving a nice trail of spider guts on the window.

Unfortunately, the spider's dead carcass was now stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and since Scott likes to keep things clean, I didn't want to put the shoe back on and let the spider get all smushed into his carpet. So I decided my best option was to open up the window, stick my shoe out, and let the wind blow the dead spider off.

So I opened the window and stuck my shoe out. However, the wind was stronger than expected and probably not even a second later, the shoe was gone. I gasped loudly and Scott asked if my shoe fell out the window (how did he know??). I then giggled for at least 10 minutes as we turned around, searched for it on the street, and pulled over to pick it up. I was a little bit concerned that someone had driven over it, but luckily, not only did it appear to be unharmed, but the spider carcass was gone. Done and done.

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Joyce said...

Only you Kim, only you. :-)