Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toilet Coverer

Last weekend, while on a little getaway with friends, an interesting and disturbing topic came up. It all started when I yelled at the boys to put the seat down after they used the facilities. We (the girls) needed to explain to them the painful consequences of a toilet left wide-open. Namely, that we will fall in.

This lead to a long and strange analysis of why girls don't check the toilet seat before sitting down and the conclusion (by the boys) that girls should be taught, from a young age, to check the toilet seat.

Clearly, that is ridiculous, but it did get me wondering why I don't check. Certainly there have been times when I have noticed the seat up. But there have been plenty of other times when I was oblivious and fell right in. Or worse, when the entire toilet cover was down, making for an awkward surprise.

Incidentally, I married a man who's very dedicated to putting both the toilet seat and cover down. I thought this was overkill. I mean really, who puts the cover down every time they go to the bathroom?

For the first couple months of our marriage I rolled my eyes at his excessive toilet covering. In an act of wifely defiance I refused to ever put the cover down. Then one day I dropped my tooth brush in the toilet. Now I'm a coverer.


Kara said...

"the age-old dilemma"

you made me laugh out loud. a lot.

(nicely done.)
thank you.

Kaytee B. said...

And I have a husband who is not as considerate who leaves the seat up for his pregnant wife who has to pee several times a night. And then my sweet little son who is paranoid that his baby sister will touch the "peepee" and covers the toilet every time.
I have fallen into some nasty toilets in my 27 years. Thank you for covering this controversial topic. :o)

Garion said...

How would you go about not checking? Surely you check? It's like not checking if you're about to sit on anything before sitting down at the bus station. This makes no sense!

khaddu said...

ha ha ha this is so funny !