Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pink Shirt Guy

This is Pink Shirt Guy

Pink Shirt Guy currently lives on my bulletin board in my cube at work. He originally came out of a "clergywear" brochure that we received at work. I had no idea there were so many wardrobe options for clergy people these days. It's rather impressive.

The models in the brochure were fascinating. There was one fellow that was clearly the professional model. He appeared several times, young and handsome, and posing like it was going out of style. Then there were a number of other men who I can only imagine were either actual clergy, or just guys off the street.

I would guess that Pink Shirt Guy was one of the latter, but I was so impressed with this gentleman for having the guts to wear the hot pink clergy shirt. I imagine there aren't many men who are confident enough to appear in such things. While all the other men in the brochure were wearing the blue and black shirt varieties, this man wore his hot pink shirt with pride. Well done, Pink Shirt Guy.

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Anonymous said...

he looks stunning in such radiant colors.