Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Sound of Music

Contrary to what the title may imply, this post is not going to actually be about the movie The Sound of Music. Not that I couldn't write a post about it, because I could. It's just that I'm going to see it in Grant Park tonight and I'm a little preoccupied.

Anyway, real topic of this post: Why am I so affected by music? It's really becoming a nuisance. Sometimes when I'm at work listening to my beloved iTunes, a particular song comes on that's so amazing, I have to stop working and just listen. (I would like to take this time to say that before some of you go making bratty comments about me not working, I do get my work done regardless. I'm just that good.) This, however, is not the biggest problem I have. (Again, keep your bratty comments to yourself.)

When I was very young I received, as a gift, a little music box that played "My Favorite Things." I was too young to know what song it was; to my ears it was brand new. What I did know was that every time I wound up my music box and it started playing, I cried uncontrollably. The tragedy was that I really loved this song very much and I didn't understand why it made me cry. I remember staring at the music box with disdain wondering why I couldn't just enjoy it like a normal child. I proceeded to shove it away in a drawer, refusing to ever listen to it again. Thus began my strange, sad life of crying for no apparent reason at completely random songs.

Luckily as I've gotten older I've learned to control this impulse, though there are still times where a certain song will get me. What is that about?

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