Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harriet Carter

You know when you go to a garage sale and you wonder where in the world these people got this junk that they thought was cool for about two days and then wanted to throw away once they realized how embarrassing it was that they even owned it? I found the source ... Harriet Carter. I discovered the Harriet Carter catalog yesterday at my mother's house. It's incredible. I want to know who orders from this catalog and why. But apparently people do order from it as it's been around since 1958. Here are some of my favorite items:

I'm pretty sure if I was awoken by monkey sounds, the last thing I would do is laugh.

I like that the description specifies that these can be used for a "boy's birthday celebration." These lights are not for girls!

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Anonymous said...

I hope nobody thinks i order from this thing. it's purely for amusement. they have been selling the same junk for 20 years or more so somebody buys this stuff. I think i know the type (my neighbor who decorates her balcony for every occasion and listens to books on tape really loud) I'm just sure she has a monkey alarm.