Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

I had a rather eventful weekend, and I took a lot of pictures. It was fun. You'll notice that I'm not actually in most of these pictures and that's the way I like it.

On Saturday morning I headed out to Indiana with my friends to visit my roommate's parents' farm. On the way, we stopped at an apple orchard. Apparently we were a little late in the apple picking season as all the apples were either picked or on the ground.

Luckily, we got a tractor ride, so it wasn't a waste.

They also had some spectacular pumpkin and apple cinnamon donuts.

We then stopped at the Albanese Candy Factory. They offer a tour of the factory and we were excited to get started, with visions of a magical Willy Wonka-like experience running through our heads. We were quickly thrown back into reality when we realized the "tour" consisted of a ramp leading up to some windows where you could look into the basically empty factory. I think I may have seen some gummy bears on a conveyor belt.

The disappointment over the less than impressive tour was quickly remedied by the fact that they let you sample any candy you want to. A very nice feature.

After we were all satisfied with our candy choices, we headed out to the farm for some chilli. This was followed by a ride in the back of a truck (for the true farm experience) to go see the cows.

Then the cows ran away and we went back to the house to prepare for our bonfire and hay ride.

I do not have pictures of the bonfire or hayride because it was dark out and I was sick of taking pictures. After that, we settled in for a movie and went to bed. I don't think I really slept all night.

Sunday morning we had fabulous buscuits and gravy for breakfast and we headed home for church. Sunday evening my roommate and I hosted our monthly Old Movie Night. This month's feature was Psycho. My roommate had the brilliant idea of squirting ketchup all over our shower. So we did.

In case you're wondering, I'm in a 50's housewife dress. It was my Halloween costume. Old Movie Night was a huge success as was our ketchup covered shower. However if you're considering copying our brilliant shower idea, keep in mind that a large amount of ketchup squirted in a small enclosed space gives off a vomit-inducing odor.


Travis said...

and yet it was so funny every time someone walked in the bathroom while the lights were off and closed the door behind themselves.

Kim said...

That was terrible disappointing. I wanted to see some reactions!