Monday, March 2, 2009

Root Beer Barrels vs. Blender

Last week through a series of emails involving my love for root beer floats and cookies, Scott (the bf) and I were basically challenged to create root beer float cookies for a get together with some friends on Saturday. Of course, we couldn't pass that up so we found a recipe online for them. I was a little surprised that a root beer float cookie recipe actually existed, but I shouldn't have been; everything exists on the internet.

Anyway, the recipe we found called for crushed up root beer barrels to be mixed into the dough so I ran to Walgreens and got like a 2 pound bag. We first tried to crush them up in a ziploc bag but it turns out that when they break up they become extremely sharp and the bag broke in 2 seconds.

Our next option was the old stand-by: the blender. Scott threw a few barrels into the blender and it seemed to work rather well. We were getting them down to a powder, so we went with it. After a few minutes, however, disaster struck when the root beer barrels blew a hole straight through the blender. Not a crack, not a ding; a full on hole. I had no idea these things could be so destructive. They're practically a weapon!

Luckily, God provided when we visited an estate sale the next day and found a mixer from the 1970's that included a heavy duty glass blender attachment. I don't think we'll have any problems with that one. Hopefully.

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