Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have some pretty great friends. Last Sunday, a nice little surprise birthday was thrown in honor of two of my friends and myself. It was very sweet, but then I realized that I had been lied to non stop all weekend, and that I'm possibly the most gullible person ever. Here's how it went down:

Last week, my roommate informed me that her parents were going to come in and spend the day on Sunday and she was going to make some barbeque pork for them. This is not unusual as her parents do visit once in awhile and she's basically always making food. So I said fine and went on my merry way. The next day, I get an email from our other friend, Janelle, telling me her husband is having a guys night at their house on Sunday night and she's going to be kicked out so she wanted to go shopping. That sounded good to me, so I went with it. On Saturday, I found out that the roommate's parents decided not to come in, but she'd already started making her barbeque pork, so she was just going to make it and have it for the week. This didn't seem strange to me, she often makes food in large quantities so that she can have it throughout the week. Saturday night, I came home and a pleasant aroma filled the house. I told my roommate it smelled like food, assuming she had made something, but she denied it and told me that she'd gotten a new vanilla scented plug in thing. I'm sorry to say, this satisfied my curiosity, and I went to bed. On Sunday, the roommate informed me that she was going over to Janelle's to do some laundry since our dryer isn't working, and as payment for using their dryer, she was going to bring her pork over there for guys night. I'm pretty sure this should have seemed a little strange to me, but still, I suspected nothing. She does some weird things sometimes, so I just don't ask questions.

Sunday night, I made my way over to Janelle's to start our dinner and shopping night. This is when things got a little odd. The guys hadn't arrived at their house yet, so Janelle and I sat on her porch swing for a bit before they got there. I asked her if the roommate was there doing her laundry or if she'd left. I got a rather blank stare from Janelle followed by a slightly confused look and an answer of, "no, she wasn't here." I will admit that this seemed odd to me, I had watched the roommate walk out of the house with her laundry and pork. Nevertheless, I didn't bother thinking about it too much. Note: If you're going to throw a surprise party for someone, make sure everyone involved has the story straight. Not that it really mattered in this case.

Soon the guys arrived for their guys night and Janelle said she had to run into the house to get some things before we left. It was a lovely day, so I decided to just stay on the porch swing and wait for Janelle to come back. A few seconds later, Janelle popped her head out and told me I could come in, it was going to take her a minute to find what she needed. Still, I didn't suspect anything fishy so I got up and walked inside. As I walked towards the back of the house I caught a glimpse my roommate's head bobbing around in the back door window. She saw me and rather obviously attempted to hide. Also, she was wearing a party hat. I turned to Janelle and said, "Oh, there's Grace...and she's wearing a party hat." It wasn't until I said it out loud that I realized what was going on. I made my way to the back yard and the other two birthday guys followed. We were greeted by a few of our good friends, and yes, sitting on the table in front of us was the beloved barbeque pork I'd been hearing about all weekend.

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