Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas at CTI

It's been a magical Christmas at work. I decorated my cube:

I put up some nice lights and the fabulous pink Christmas tree that Emily gave me. My Wizard of Oz people are decorating it.

Then some unexpected visitors showed up in our Nativity scene on the filing cabinet:

Yep, the dinosaur is eating the lamb and the monkey is smoking a cigarette. They're courtesy of Todd. A couple days ago, a few of us just moved around the regular Nativity pieces ... Mary turning her back on the baby Jesus, Joseph running away, etc. Some ladies came by and saw it and were appalled. They put everything back, so we decided to step it up with the addition of a dinosaur. Then a monkey. Then something most disturbing happened. A coworker walked by and noticed the dinosaur and proceeded to explain to someone else that whoever did it was copying Mr. Bean. NOOOOO I was screaming to myself in my cube while listening to his grossly mistaken explanation!! I hate Mr. Bean!! I'm terrified that something I've been involved in is now being compared to Mr. Bean's idiotic antics. To make matters worse, this same coworker sent the following email to others sitting in our area:

Some folks are wondering why there's a T-Rex with the Nativity scene on the filing cabinets by the CT copier.

Mr. Bean fans already know the answer. But for the initiated, here's the (very funny) explanation:

No, no, no, we are NOT copying Mr. Bean. Todd just had the dinosaur and we thought it would be funny! I desperately want to tell them the truth, that it was us that did it and it's not because of stupid Mr. Bean, but I won't.

By far the best part of Christmas at CTI for me, personally, is the acquisition of my own office. Temporarily. I've had an office mate for quite some time, but she moved on to another job and now I have the place to myself. What's more, the office is still divided with our cubes so there's a big cube wall blocking the doorway. I'm completely hidden. No one even knows I'm there. This makes it ideal for napping and breaking out into dance whenever I feel like it. And I do feel like it. Regularly. And for the next two weeks, we get to wear jeans every day. My job is the best!

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