Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Pictures

My Christmas weekend in pictures.

In an effort to fill the gaping void left since the crazy house in Downers Grove is apparently no longer being excessively decorated, I went in search of some good Christmas lights. This is the best I could find:

My kitty took over my bed and my cozy down comforter

Cute kid

My white elephant gift in the dumpster

My cousin and her husband tend to get really unusual (crappy) gifts from his parents, so this year they gathered them all, threw them in a big bag and gave them as their white elephant gift. Everyone was curious about it, but nobody was picking it so when my turn came around I took one for the team and chose it. In it were a number of random items. There was a brand new knife set and some cookie cutters that I kept. Among the dumpster items where some barbeque flavored peanuts that may or may not be 5 years old or more, a taco tray, a number of ugly candles, and a basket of fruit. I ate one banana and dumped the rest.


Marc said...

Did you just take any old picture off the internet and label it "cute kid" or is that someone you know?

Marc said...

And spam sucks.

Kim said...

Umm it's my cousin's kid. And I guess I could delete the spam, huh?

the todd said...

I love peanuts. I would have ate them. You never think of me.