Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The other day Google decided to start calling their personalized home page option "iGoogle". Yeah they totally copied Apple, which is kind of sad for them, but apparently when you're the Antichrist (see below) you can copy stuff and nobody cares.

I've had a personalized Google homepage for awhile with some random gadgets (not to be confused with Apple's widgets. Does Apple have to invent everything?), but suddenly it's significantly more fun with the addition of themes. They're so completely pointless, but impossible to resist. Here's my beautiful iGoogle page:

Yep, that's a little fox having a picnic and a frog prince on the pier. The scene changes depending on the time of day. Sometimes, the fox is doing laundry in the lake or sleeping out on the pier. It's amazing. Why do I waste my time with this crap, I don't know.

To add to my fabulous theme, I have my comics gadget featuring Cathy, Dilbert and Peanuts. The best gadget by far is the Free iTunes Downloads...a must have.

There are approximately one bazillion different gadgets you can add. And now, as if every kind of gadget possible didn't already exist, you can make your own gadget.

Thank you, Google, for making my humdrum searches so entertaining.

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