Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Items

Two things I need to say:

1) Google is now openly admitting that they are taking over the world. This is what they wrote in a recent blog post:

Not only do we offer email, calendaring, and document creation and collaboration services (and more!) for individuals, but with Google Apps, businesses, schools and other organizations can customize these tools and use them as their own internal systems.

Yep, they're infiltrating our school systems. The future of our country is now owned and operated by Google.

2) A few months back Microsoft introduced the Zune, their lame answer to the iPod. There was a good amount of hype surrounding it's release, and there was some talk about their iPod wannabe commercials, but I'd never actually seen one. Finally, tonight during American Idol (nothing Paula said tonight made ANY sense, by the way) I saw my first Zune commercial. Now being completely objective, putting my feelings toward the Zune aside (feelings such as disgust, embarrassment and pity), this commercial was awful. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be about really, but it mostly just looked like Zunes are being used as headstones at a cemetery. Headstones that play music and video. Is this what it's supposed to be portraying? Can anyone shed some light on this? If they are supposed to be headstones in a cemetery, I'm not sure that's the most effective advertising strategy. Is the Zune dead? Does it represent dead people?

That concludes my random thoughts for the day. I love blogs.

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