Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bikini Potbelly

I have to confess, I use Google Analytics to track the comings and goings on this website. It's a lot of fun. It tells you how many people are looking at your site, where they are located, how they got to your site and all kinds of crazy info. I don't really pay that much attention to it, I really just like to see how many people are reading and how they found the site.

The most fun part of it is you can see what keywords people are searching for in any given search engine to find your site. I had no idea how amusing it would be to see what people are searching for. What have I learned? People search for weird stuff.

I was poking around in my stats today and I noticed an especially interesting Google search term. Bikini Potbelly. At first I was slightly confused as to why, in heaven's name, my blog would come up for that term. Then I remembered; my Pool Fun post! Yes, a post all about potbellied old people wearing bikinis. Makes sense.

I decided to do my own Google search for "bikini potbelly" to try to figure out exactly what this person was looking for and why they chose to click on my blog. Here's the search result that came up:

Wow. I don't know how anyone could resist clicking on that. And apparently, they couldn't.

Now I'm just dying know why anyone would do a Google search for "bikini potbelly." What, exactly, were they hoping to find? I can't imagine they were expecting an embarrassingly silly blog post about fat old people at the pool, but that's what they got.

So, bikini potbelly person; if you're out there, and you ever come back to this blog, please, please will you tell me what inspired this particular search?

The best part is now that I've titled this post "bikini potbelly" and have used the term an embarrassing number of times, I've no doubt that if anyone else ever searches for that term, this post will hold a prominent spot in the search results, the searcher will not be able to resist clicking on it, and I will know exactly how many people search for "bikini potbelly" every day.

That's right "bikini potbelly" people, I'm watching you.

1 comment:

Marc said...

So there are people out there that are looking for potbellies, eh? Maybe I should be drinking more beer. I draw the line at wearing a bikini, though.