Monday, July 30, 2007

Venetian Night

On Saturday, I attended my first ever Venetian Night in downtown Chicago. It was great! I had no idea how fun it was. This year was the 50th anniversary, so it's possible that it was a little better than other years, but I really don't know. It's basically a parade of decorated boats along the lake front followed by a wonderful fireworks display. Thanks to some friends that headed down there early, we got an amazing spot right on the water.

The theme this year was "Chicago's Finest Moments" so there were boats dedicated to all our wonderful sports teams, a couple Chicago Fire boats (not sure that should be considered a "fine moment" but, whatever), and some dedicated to the 2016 Olympics even though it's not even a Chicago moment yet. There was also a Little Mermaid boat. It was very well done, but I have no idea what it had to do with Chicago.

Here are a few highlights in picture form:

Yes, this fellow's shirt says "This is what cool looks like." Finally, someone is brave enough to show the world what "cool" really is.

This is the Cubs boat. They did a pretty good job, but apparently did not consider what might happen when the wind catches their rather large scoreboard. They almost crashed into the shore. Leave it to the Cubs boat to crash.

This was a pretty classy boat. They had a recording of Frank Sinatra singing "My Kind of Town" and a old guy in a tux lip syncing to it.

A fabulous tribute to Marshall Field's. Oh Marshall Field's I miss you so!

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