Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cubs Win!

The Cubs won yesterday and I was there. It was a good game and the weather was perfect. I had the day off work because we're doing an almost all office move and those of us who are moving got the day off so they could move all our stuff. Now I'm only moving one cube over, but they still insisted that I'd be in the way if I came in. So I can't argue with that.

I was especially excited because this is the first game I've gone to since I got my jersey, and I wore it proudly. I got this jersey a few months ago at Marshall's. It's a boys' and it's Greg Maddux who's not even on the team anymore, but I don't care because it was $10. That's right, $10. So I was very pleased with that purchase and even more pleased that I finally got to wear it to a game. I just pretend like I bought it when Maddux was actually on the team.

We have a bit of a tradition for our Cub's games in my family. We like to head to Wrigley Field in the morning, get a free parking spot on the street, head to the box office to hopefully get some tickets, and then hang out at McDonald's. It's a very nice routine. Yesterday we just bought some cheap tickets and our seats were way up high, but it really doesn't matter to me. It's fun no matter what. There was a mexican man that sat beside me. He kind of tried to make conversation, but I mostly didn't know what he was saying so I just nodded politely.

The best part of the day was Mark Grace throwing out the first pitch. I did not know he was going to be doing it and I was overjoyed. I love that guy. It was a little strange because we were playing the Diamondbacks, the team he played for after leaving the Cubs and I believe he announces for them now. Awkward! But it was still fabulous. Meanwhile, when did the Diamondbacks change colors?? I was confused when I saw them out there in their red uniforms. You can't just go changing colors whenever you feel like it! What about all their fans that spent tons of money on turquoise and purple apparel, and now they can't even wear it anymore.

I would like to take a few moments to talk about being a Cubs fan. I was born a Cubs fan which means that sometimes I really don't follow them at all, but I'm still allowed to call myself a fan because I come from a long line of Cubs fans. That's just how it is. And I'm a great loser. I'm pretty sure that being so loyal to a losing team has made me a better person. I've also been raised to believe that their losing could be directly related to any given action of mine. For example, a few weeks ago I was watching a game and I decided, having just purchased my jersey, that I should wear it while I watched. Perhaps it would help them to win. However, shortly after I put it on, they started playing pretty badly. Needless to say, the jersey was soon returned to the closet. This has been the story of my life. I'm just trying to help. Now, I don't really want to admit this, but sometimes I feel the need to get God involved in the action. When I was 5 years old it was just kind of cute and acceptable to pray that the Cubs would win. At 24, I'm pretty sure it's anything but cute or acceptable, but I can't kick a lifelong habit.

There's really nothing better than a game at Wrigley Field. Especially when it's full. There were 41,071 people in attendance yesterday. Way more exciting than watching it on TV. I was really hoping they'd win the World Series next year seeing as it would be 100 years since the last time they won, but I'd be ok if it was this year. 99 years is long enough I think.

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Nan said...

I finally am reading your blog! Aren't you glad? I have been enjoying it and laughing and remembering... just had to comment on the Cubbies. Since it was the Diamondbacks we saw them beat, and the same team who completely humiliated us last week. I also feel it is not acceptable to waste prayers on the Cubs, but I sometimes do it out of habit. I love our tradition of the best way to attend a Cub game. Maybe you'll get your wish of a 100 year World Series after all. High hopes, as always, for our beloved Cubs!!! Aunt Nan